Thursday, 12 January 2012

Silver gloves said to ease cold-weather touchscreen use

Touchscreen smartphone and tablet users know their devices are tough to use while wearing gloves in in cold weather.

The problem is more widespread than one might think, and has spawned a market for specialized gloves that can ease the task and conduct a person's bioelectricity.

One vendor, Agloves, showed off its knit gloves this week at the Consumer Electronics show here.

The gloves, priced at $23.99 a pair, come in black with actual threads of silver woven in, said Jean Spencer, who founded the Boulder, Colo. start-up with her mother.

Many smartphones and tablets, including the iPhone and iPad, rely upon capacitative touchscreens, which means a person's fingertip bioelectricity is needed to activate a swipe or touch action on a screen.

Agloves claims that the silver fibers running throughout its glove can bring the electricity from other parts of the hand to the fingertip. Officials said some gloves from competitors put conductive material in just a couple of fingertips, and thus don't work as well as the Agloves design.

The company uses the Periodic Table symbol for silver, Ag, in its name.

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