Thursday, 28 June 2012

Surface review: Microsoft launches death of the laptop


Industry sources expect tablet to cost between Dh2,203 and Dh3,673

Although Microsoft has not put any price estimates to what is emerging as a serious competition to both the iPad and Android-based devices, industry sources estimate the new devices could have a price tag ranging between $600 (Dh2203) to $1000 (Dh3,673).
Yesterday’s announcement of the new specs indicate that Microsoft might have finally begun the extinction of laptops with the announcement of its all-new Surface tablets?
More than being an immediate threat to Apple’s iPad, the Surface, that runs on the full Windows 8 desktop operating system would mean that you can now not only check mails and browse on a tablet but also on Excel and other Office applications with ease.
With a built-in stand and keyboard that could replicate a laptop or a notepad, the devices could be ideal for business use.
The Microsoft Surface tablet would come in two versions: the 10.6” device that weighs just 676grams and equipped with a Tegra 3 ARM-based processor that can run Windows 8 RT (ARM version).
This device will only be able to run the Windows 8 Metro applications.
The more powerful Surface Pro on the other hand weighs slightly heavier at 903 grams with a similar HD display is powered by an Intel Core i5 CPU and will run the desktop version of Windows 8, which means it works exactly like a laptop or a notebook. Not just, the Pro can even be connected to a larger display if needed.
No details have been announced as to when the new devices will be ready for shipping.

And the fact that Microsoft is using the same Windows 8 operating system for the Surface as for laptop and desktop computers could mean that customers will find it easier to switch between different devices.
CEO Steve Ballmer was on hand at a press conference in Los Angeles to announce the tablet, calling it part of a 'whole new family of devices' the company is developing.
The 9.3mm-thick tablet, which uses the RT version of Windows, comes with a kickstand to hold it upright and keyboard that is part of the device's cover. It weighs under 1.5 pounds.
In a possible nod to the device's chief rival, it will apparently be 0.1mm thinner than the latest iPad.
A slightly thicker version - still less than 14mm thick and under two pounds - will work on Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8 Pro operating system.

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