Monday, 13 August 2012

Latest Technology To Detect Resistant Tb Bacteria Developed

new technique to detect tuberculosis bacteria

London: Scientists have developed a new technique to detect tuberculosis bacteria which endure the treatment, paving the way for effectively treating TB bacilli resistant to antibodies.

Researchers from the Antwerp Institute of Tropical Medicine have created a easy technique of Fluorescein diacetate staining, which only stains living tuberculosis bacilli (and not dead ones) which can immediately tell if resistant bacilli survived after treatment.

Tuberculosis bacilli have turn out to be resistant against major antibiotics. According to World Health Organization (WHO) survey, only 11 per cent of multiresistant cases were discovered in 2009.

Checking quick under the microscope still is the recommended technique for TB screening, but it cannot differentiate between living and dead bacilli.

It is therefore not clear whether you are looking at the cadavers of a successful treatment, or at anti survivors. Only if the numbers after a long wait still don't fall, you know you are dealing with a anti strain. But all that time.

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