Monday, 21 January 2013

Car Chevrolet Sail sedan

While the Sail U-VA hatch will compete with the Maruti Swift, naturally the sedan version will be pegged against the Swift Dzire, Toyota Etios, Nissan Sunny and the others in this segment. The Sail sedan is important as the Aveo has not managed to meet sales expectations despite being a good car. The current mid-size segment is bursting with capable sedans, plus another big launch is coming in the form of the Honda Amaze, so the Sail sedan has to be a capable and talented sedan if it has any chance of competing and winning against the above mentioned cars.

Chevrolet Sail Sedan Design

 The Sail sedan looks like the hatch up until when you see the back which is just like the practise other manufacturers also follow. The Sail U-VA hatch is a handsome looking small car with pleasant detailing and that same styling philosophy continues onto the Sail Sedan. The Sail has a dual-port grille and looks handsome but it’s not futuristic looking, rather a safe design but something that will appeal to all.  As you can see from the pictures the Indian version has a strong dose of chrome to make it more up-market and it will work as we love chrome! The Sail sedan just like the hatch features the gold Chevrolet emblem showcased in the middle. Three sidelines provide the car a three-dimensional look.

Chevrolet Sail Sedan Interiors

 Step inside and the Sail sedan has virtually identical interiors to the Sail hatch. Which means that it has the same conservatively designed but practical cabin that will appeal to the Indian car buyer. Like the Sail U-VA it has a spacious cabin and getting in and out is easy. The rear seat has lots of legroom and headroom plus the bootspace is also pretty good. Feature list is decent and you have features like Bluetooth phone pairing and music streaming. When it comes to storage the Sail sedan has lots of spaces to put all your stuff like in the rear centre armrest. The Sail sedan thus scores on practicality and space.

Chevrolet Sail Sedan Engines

 As in the hatchback version there are two engines on offer and both motors are impressive. The one which is expected to the hot seller is the diesel. The  1.3l SMARTECH turbo-charged diesel engine is the now famous Fiat sourced 1.3-litre Multi-jet unit. The diesel develops a healthy 77 bhp at 4000rpm, it’s smooth and has good low-end grunt. The model has been tuned and changed to suit the Indian market which will definitely appeal to the customers. The 1.2l SMARTECH petrol engine makes 85 bhp of power and is a smooth unit though as we have experienced the petrol is best enjoyed when pushed hard. Overall we prefer the diesel for its better power delivery at low speeds and of course better mileage. The Sail sedan has a five-speed manual gearbox.

Chevrolet Sail Sedan Fuel Economy

The diesel Chevrolet Sail sedan delivers a very good ARAI mileage of 22.1 kmpl which is expected as this diesel engine is famous for its performance and economy. Thus for the economy conscious the diesel is the one that matters. But that is not in any way saying that the petrol is bad as it delivers a really good figure of 18.2 kmpl (ARAI).

Chevrolet Sail Sedan price in India

 The Chevrolet Sail sedan will not have it easy as there are lots of credible rivals out there in the midsize space. The big question is the price and we know Chevrolet plans to have acompetitive price for the Sail sedan. So expect a starting price of Rs 6-6.5 lakhs for the base petrol to Rs 7.5 -8 lakhs for the top diesel variant.

Chevrolet Sail Sedan launch date for India Chevrolet plans to have many launches this year and the Sail sedan will be its first in 2013. Chevrolet will launch the Sail sedan on 31st January 2013. The Sail sedan with its clean simple design and practical, spaccious cabin has a lot to offer and if priced well could turn out to be a hit for Chevrolet in India.

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