Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Future Technology Upcoming Laptops

Apple New Macbook Model:

Apple Company unveiled that in year 2013 company will launch its MacBook Pro and MacBook Air in the Widewide Developers Conference of 2013. This new edition of MacBook has retina display and the design is also modified. Company uses low power Haswell chips which reduce thickness of the device to some extent.

Nvidia GeForce 700M GPUs:

Company unveils that GeForce 700M GPUs have three inbuilt features which works in the background and saves battery power and enhances performance level. The device delivers best visual quality and smoothly toggles between integrated graphics and discrete GeForce 700M GP. To work on this newbie Laptop will proves to be a good experience.

Android Laptops:

Rumors are there that Intel is working in designing its new featured Laptop which can run on both Android and Windows 8 operating system. The platform used to develop it is UEFI instead of BIOS.
Seagate third generation SSHD Laptop
Recently company has launched third generation Solid State Hybrid Drives for Laptop which aims at developing slim ultrabook. After installing SSHD the performance of the laptop improves by forty percent.

DevilTech Gaming Laptop:

DevilTech unveils Haswell laptop model having nice gaming features. The company offers four different processor models Core i7 4700MQ (2.6 – 3.6GHz) , Core i7 4800MQ (2.7 – 3.7GHz), Core i7 4900MQ (2.8 – 3.8GHz) and Core i7 4930MX (3 – 3.9GHz). Graphics HD 4600GPU is used which increases number of pipeplines to 20.