Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Report: Chat Software for Fitness Bloggers Recently Launched by Chatwing

Fitness is now a growing niche. Now, fitness bloggers can use the Chatwing chat box to reach a larger audience. Chatwing also offers very useful social media integration.

Health and fitness is now a famous topic being discussed all over the Internet today. This is based on the numbers of websites, forums, and message boards dedicated for the topic. Everyday, people are looking for tips on how they can change their lifestyle. These people, aside from gathering website information, can benefit a lot from tips and pieces of advice from fitness professionals. This is why the Chatwing team has recently launched a chatbox that is speedy and globally competitive. The Chatwing chat tool has been making a name in the blogosphere because of its key features.

Aside from being a simple and straightforward web chat tool, Chatwing is also known for its social media integration. Through this, Chatwing users can log in with their Facebook or Twitter accounts. Once logged in, these users can now exchange profile information easily. This feature has also helped a lot of bloggers who are also conducting business transactions online. Through Facebook and Twitter, their client base experienced considerable growth. The same notion applies for fitness bloggers who want to spread information to their visitors. The Chatwing shoutbox does this by turning the blog into an active chat lounge. Now, people can discuss various topics, especially those ones related to the host blog.

Installing the Chatwing chat widget doesn’t take much time. To do this, the user must first register his blog’s domain name. After that, he can now proceed to customization. Since Chatwing offers a high customization rate, users can select from a wide range of colors. They can also change the titles of their widgets to entice more visitors.

Bloggers who have used the new version of Chatwing chatrooms have also noted a great spike in the visibility of their blogs. This percentage varies, depending on the content of the blog. Visitors of fitness blogs have also used the Chatwing tool to post their lifestyle questions and tips. Some of them have also used the widget to send out the links to their blogs or websites.

About Chatwing.com

Chatwing.com has developed live chat software for websites and blogs. It caters to different online communities due to its high rate of connectivity. Everyone can create a customizable live chat box feature in 1 minute or less. Users have the ability to customize the size, color, and fonts of the chat product. The ability to chat live via social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter enable Chatwing to offer a personal and unique real-time experience to all sites. Chatwing is 100% free and very easy to use.

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