Monday, 9 July 2012

Sandisk launches Extreme USB 3.0 Pen Drive with 190MB/s data transfer speed

SanDisk has now launched new USB 3.0 capable Pen Drive in the market and dubbed it as Sandisk ‘Extreme’ USB Pen Drive.

This new offering from Sandisk promises up to 190MB/s data transfer speed and comes in sizes starting from 16GB and going up to 64GB. The pricing for these ranges from $65 and goes as high as $160.

Additionally Sandisk has also launched updated version of its Cruzer and Glide line-up with storage capability going as high as 128GB. The Glide will be available sometime later in Q3 2012 and will be priced at $249.99 while the smaller 4GB variant will can be purchased for just $19.99.

The Facet USB Flash drive which comes in a stainless steel body as well as the Cruzer Pop series which is available in a few color options starts from $32.99 for 8GB and goes up to $84.99 for 32GB of storage space.

All these USB drives are equipped with Sandisk’s SecureAccess software for encryption and security and it comes pre-loaded on the devices.

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